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Our Story

From playing Nintendo, action and shooter games we have always wanted to achieve something in the big wild gaming world.

Now in the modern age, the gaming world is to be called ‘E-Sports’. Where our main focus lies. We have dedicated ourselves to develop our careers in this direction. As it’s where we can show our creativity in the fullest, where passion and crazy effects aren’t a problem, where rules are at the minimum.

  • Matt Pawelski employee Matt Pawelski

Respawn eLounge is Detroit’s Premiere eSports Lounge and it opened to the public November 30, 2019. For an entire day it saw modest success, but it’s Day 2 now, so anything can happen! (Hopefully more success)

Hours of Operation

Wednesday2pm – 2am
Thursday2pm – 2am
Friday2pm – 2am
Saturday12pm – 2am
Sunday1pm – 10pm

Our Address:

31619 Plymouth Rd

Livonia, MI 48150