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Surviving Your First Day at Respawn eLounge

POSTED BY admin December 2, 2019

 Already I know the title of this article made Respawn eLounge sound like an intimidating place, not for the faint of heart, but to be fair, it is. This is a place like no other, you may face a litany of perils, from dragons and zombies, to pirates and city zoning issues (you know because video games). Gamers face difficult challenges and choices everyday they logon. Just yesterday I had to decide between racing as dry bones or Yoshi and it threw me into an existential crisis for the better part of five minutes. Eventually I picked the red Yoshi and all six of those kids were left crying in my dust, but still the initial decision was a tough one.

Anyway.. Here are a few things to keep in mind when visiting Respawn eLounge, and to keep it in the spirit of video games, I wrote them as objectives.

Your first objective is to learn the map (where you can park and what door to use).

Respawn eLounge is located at 31619
Plymouth Rd. Livonia, MI 48150, in the back half of the building. This means
you will have to find the correct door, which won’t be hard if you stick to the
map below. 
Respawn eLounge Parking Map

Second Objective: Secure a Gaming System

Upon entering the elounge, you will see a reception area along the right-side wall. Hopefully you will be greeted by one of our knowledgeable staff (with the exception of myself, as I know very little about anything ever). Let a member of the staff know what system(s) you are looking to play on, if one is available they will take a payment and get you gaming right away! In the unfortunate event where there is not a system immediately available, please put your name on our waitlist and they will let you know as soon as one becomes available to you.

When purchasing time on one of our systems you will have the option to purchase time in half hour increments. We recommend purchasing more time at once to receive the bulk pricing discount.

Objective the Third: Have Good Etiquette

This is the most important objective when surviving your first day at Respawn eLounge! We do have rules for conduct and failure to adhere to such rules will result in you being removed from the lounge. The basics are as follows: No racism, homophobia, sexism, bigotry, or hate speech. Harassment of any of our customers or staff will not be tolerated.

Final Objective: Respawn at Home

The goal of Respawn eLounge is to be more than just a lounge with high-end equipment, but to be a community. Therefore we have an assortment of social media platforms you can enjoy and we will continue to produce quality content for you to enjoy and interact with!

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